Dogs on the mend after each one was hit by a car

“Sup My Dude” and “Tabasco” were carried on the Austin Pets Alive! weeks apart with several injuries.

AUSTIN, Texas — Two dogs are on the road to recovery after being hit by a car, according to Austin Pets Alive! (APPA!).

“Sup My Dude” and “Tabasco” were brought in weeks apart with multiple injuries. “Sup My Dude” had a broken leg and Tabasco broke both femurs.

Dr. Morgan Siewert is a vet at the shelter and said unfortunately those cases are not uncommon.

“We see a decent number of dogs hit by cars and are so lucky that we can have them examined quickly by a vet upon arrival,” Siewert said.

Depending on the extent of the injury, Siewert explained that the puppies are immediately put through a treatment plan.

“Sometimes they need surgery, and then sometimes we have a specialty surgeon that comes to the APA!, or we use one of the neighborhood surgeons in those kinds of cases,” Siewert said.

These animals are just one of many entering the APA! for injuries and illnesses.

“Joe” was brought in on April 23 after being involved in a car accident. He had broken ribs and a fractured femur and was later diagnosed and treated for parvo, a contagious canine virus.

Another puppy named “Paddles” is recovering from parvo and is up for adoption.

APA! he also said that “Sup My Dude” was adopted, which is ultimately the goal with all the animals that come for help.

“We always wish we had the ability to help our animals, but sometimes our community members don’t have that ability, and, you know, we’re here to help them when it arises.” said Siewert.

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