Leander ISD votes on bond packages totaling nearly $800 million

LEANDER, Texas – Leander ISD is one of many school districts in Central Texas voting bond packages. The school district has approved all three bond packages: Prop A, Prop B, and Prop C.

Prop A, the largest proposition is a $698.33 million bond package that focuses on the safety and security of schools and the ability to buy more fleets.

The proposal also includes educational facilities, including two new elementary schools, and the purchase of land for future educational facilities. It includes safety and security projects at every LISD campus, as well as renovation and/or modernization projects at numerous campuses.

“Proposition A is the leading proposition. It has most of the safety and security elements, the renovation of existing structures and new construction on top of it,” said Bruce Gearing, superintendent of Leander’s ISD.

With the population growing in Leander, the school district expects enrollment to increase in the coming years.

“We expect to add about 8500 students over the next ten years. And so, we have new construction to handle that growth as we go forward,” Gearing said.

Prop B is approximately $50.82 million for technology equipment and infrastructure.

“So, this includes technology, upgrades and upgrades, cybersecurity, as well as new buses to handle growth and replace existing buses that are worn out,” Gearing said.

And Prop C is about $13.67 million to renovate the school district’s older campuses.

“Those are fine arts facilities above a certain capacity. And so, by state law, they have to be of their own accord,” Gearing said.


This is quite a high price. How much will this cost for Leander property owners?

A state law passed in 2019 requires all school leaving elections to include the following wording: “THIS IS A PROPERTY TAX INCREASE.” This state requires all ballots to include this language regardless of the impact the bond election will have on the tax rate. The approval or failure of the 2023 bond proposals will have no impact on Leander’s ISD tax rate.

“Whether the bonds go through or fail. We’re going to stay 33 pence on the maintenance and operations side,” Gearing said.

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