The wettest week in a while on tap to start next week

Chances for occasional thunderstorms could lead to many areas garnering 4 inches or more across central Texas over the next seven days, even in areas most affected by the drought.

AUSTIN, Texas – This past weekend was an interesting weather weekend throughout Central Texas, with the edge of the atmosphere being the star of the show.

“Capping” refers to an area of ​​warm air above the surface which in many cases inhibits the development of thunderstorms. Both Saturday and Sunday nights were instances where severe storms were possible, but due to the “plugging” that occurred, none of those severe storms occurred. Therefore, while there are chances of thunderstorms to start the week, we do not expect severe weather in the coming days.

However, the overall threats remain the same, if only slightly lower. Again, hail and damaging winds are the main threats, as are small floods that can come from more intense downpours.

But that could be just the beginning of what’s to come for Central Texas next week. Many models are now pointing to very beneficial rainfall totals that could likely be on the order of 4 inches or more over the next seven days. This also applies to areas of the Hill Country that are still affected in the “extreme” and “exceptional” drought categories. In fact, the Climate Prediction Center says that central Texas is likely to experience above-average rainfall over the next 6 to 10 days.

There is one caveat to all of this, and that is that the chances of rain vary over the coming week, with Tuesday and Saturday currently offering the best opportunities. The reason for this is that a low coastline could bring in quite a bit of moisture and provide a lifting mechanism for storms on Tuesday, and a northwesterly disturbance could usher in a storm patch for Saturday.

This prediction has proven tricky in recent days, so follow KVUE for the latest on this developing prediction.

Meanwhile, your seven-day outlook is below:

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