VIDEO: Store clerk assaulted in Southeast Austin; APD occurs 3.5 hours later

Austin, Texas – A store clerk in Southeast Austin asks for help identifying a man who attacked her.

The video showed a man entering a vape shop in East Oltorf last month.

“He turned and looked at me and I saw he had a swastika tattooed right in the center of his forehead and he had the Nazi SS lightning bolt on one cheek,” said store clerk Leslie Lowdermilk.

He said he talked to his colleague about serving him.

“We’ve decided no, we don’t support white supremacy, so we won’t be serving this individual,” Lowdermilk said.

She said she called 911, but was put on hold. During that time, the man pushed through a metal stand, then picked it up and threw it at Lowdermilk. He said he hung up on 911.

“I can’t pay attention to 911 and this nut too,” Lowdermilk said.

The man is then seen on video walking towards the door, but turns and pushes Lowdermilk to the ground.

“I fell between our front window and one of our storefronts and that’s really scary because if I landed on that storefront, I was going to be in a world of pain,” said Lowdermilk.

He leaves and Lowdermilk said an operator called back.

“I’m fine, it’s over now,” said Lowdermilk.

He said police showed up at the store about three and a half hours later. Lowdermilk said a warrant has been issued for him to be arrested, but she is not sure when he will actually be arrested.

“If he has another contact with the police, he will be arrested, but it’s not known when that will happen,” Lowdermilk said.

He asks for the help of the communities to find it.

“The guy is abusive and I could have been hurt, my colleague could have been hurt and I don’t want anyone else to get hurt,” Lowdermilk said.

If you have information to help with this investigation, please call the Austin Police Department at 512-974-5000.

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