Community members show support for victims, mourners of Allen Mall shooting

ALLEN ( – Just hearing the details emerging from the investigation into the mass shooting at Allen Premium Outlets is hard to process. For those who have lived it, even more so.

Several efforts are underway to support victims, families and bereaved people.

What happened just three days ago is starting to take its toll. It’s straining the whole community. Fortunately, there are organizations that offer support.

‘My friends live right around here…and…it could have been any of them…it could be tomorrow…it could be the next day,’ said Mallory Baublit, who is touring the memorial at mall outlets.

“My family has lived here for a long time and my aunt was here that day just before it happened,” said Alexandra Quintana. “I’m just, I’m tired of this.”

Carolin Perez is one of the few chaplains who were at the memorial to listen and help in any way they could. She says chaplains are there to provide hope and encouragement.

“I think it’s extremely important because people need to talk about it,” Perez said. “They need to be able to express their pain and loss.”

A family assistance center at the Allen Senior Recreation Center also offers victim support. The Community Foundation of Texas has established a Support for Allen Fund.

“Whenever something like this happens, there are profound mental health needs, counseling needs, ongoing support needs well beyond the actual moment of the accident,” said Monica Christopher, of the Communities Foundation of Texas.

Within days, the nonprofit raised $50,000 to help the victims of this tragedy.

The money will go to local agencies and non-profits that will provide mental health, pain and trauma support to victims, their families and first responders.

The Texas Department of Public Safety says to be on the lookout for fraudulent fundraisers. You can find a list of vetted fundraisers here.

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