‘Just devastated’: Parents say after 2 sisters were killed in Allen shooting

WYLIE (CBSNewsTexas.com) — When the parents picked up their kids from Cox Elementary School, they had to explain why two of their classmates — second grader Sofia Mendoza and her sister, fourth grader Daniela — are no longer here.

“I’m furious,” said Jena Blue, a parent at Cox’s elementary school. “There’s anger, anxiety… so many things.”

The Mendoza sisters were killed in Saturday’s mass shooting at the Allen Premium Outlets. Their mother, Ilda, remains in critical condition.

“I waited until we were outside the building to say they were shot and killed and [my son’s] the first response was, ‘Why would they shoot children?'” said Blue.

“We have to ban guns,” his son said.

Blue is left with so many emotions.

“This is going to affect me every single day,” she said. “Nothing can replace the disappearance of your two children.”

“Just devastated,” said Jackie Slone, an Elite Tumble and Cheer parent. “He Really Hits, close to home.”

Slone said both Sophia and Daniela attended the Wylie Elite Tumble and Cheer, where she will drop off her young daughter today.

“Everyone here feels like family and everyone gets along,” Slone said. “We love each other, so just getting that email is really sad.”

The community is asking everyone to wear yellow and collect Visa gift cards for the Mendoza family. The girls’ aunt also started a fundraiser to support the family.

“Anything to really help the family,” Slone said. “I understand mom is still in the ICU at this time.”

“It’s scary, I mean, it’s so scary,” Slone continued. “You just gotta love each other the best you can. I mean, you’re not promised tomorrow and you don’t know what you’re going to get, so keep your loved ones close.”

Some parents have now said they need to think twice before taking their children to public places with large groups of people. They say this is no way to live.

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