North Texans gather outside the Allen Premium Outlets to honor those killed in the mass shootings

ALLEN ( — A growing memorial outside the Allen Premium Outlets has been set up for the victims of Saturday’s fatal shooting.

At the center of the memorial are eight black crosses, representing each of the victims killed. North Texans gathered Sunday in community support during the darkest hour, carrying balloons and laying flowers to pay their respects.

The creator of the memorial will paint the names of each of the victims on the crosses once all their identities are publicly known.

On Sunday, the family of 22-year-old Christian LaCour confirmed he was one of those killed by gunfire. They said he worked as a security guard for the mall.

Many who visited the memorial shared a range of emotions, from sadness to anger.

“It’s one thing to hear about it when you live far away, but this is right in our backyard,” said one Plano resident. “We come to this mall all the time…it could have been us.”

Some have expressed frustration with the lack of gun control.

“It’s not about red or blue, these are Texans who are dying,” said Arash Fatemi. “Why isn’t anyone talking about gun control? I’m not talking about taking away their rights, I’m a republican, I believe in guns, but there has to be a law that accepts guns [from] psychopathic people”.

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