North Texas welcomes Trina Solar’s new million-square foot PV plant

Trina Solar, a leading company in solar products and solutions, plans to set up a significant manufacturing facility in Wilmer, North Texas, due to its positive perspective on renewable energy technologies, according to Dallas Metro News.

The upcoming facility will cover over one million square feet, focusing on the production of high-capacity photovoltaic (PV) modules, specifically their Vertex modules. These modules are known for their outstanding power output. The modules produced in Wilmer will feature large-format, 210-millimeter wafers. Trina Solar aims to source its polysilicon raw materials mainly from reliable suppliers in the United States and Europe.

The advanced PV modules have various applications across different sectors. They will play a vital role in establishing a net-zero energy system for the upcoming Wells Fargo regional campus in Irving. This approach highlights the potential for renewable technologies to be integrated into significant infrastructure projects, promoting sustainability.

The construction is expected to begin production in 2024. This effort will not only promote renewable energy but also significantly impact the region’s economic development. With an investment of over $200 million for land and advanced manufacturing equipment, the project is anticipated to create over 1,500 jobs in the community.

Wilmer Mayor Shelia Petta stated, “This manufacturing facility will be a shining example of how the Wilmer community will continue to thrive with the long-term commitment that Trina is investing within our community.” She further mentioned the positive impact of such companies on Southern Dallas County’s growth.

Trina Solar shared that this is their inaugural module factory in the Western Hemisphere. Steven Zhu, the company’s North American region president, expressed gratitude towards Texas, Dallas County, and Wilmer for their collaboration.

Founded in 1997, and operating in the United States since 2006, Trina Solar specializes in clean energy, providing various PV modules and smart energy solutions.

Nearby in Mesquite, Canadian Solar announced plans in June to construct a PV module production facility. With an estimated investment of $250 million, this project is also expected to add approximately 1,500 new jobs to the local economy.

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