Shoppers return to their vehicles days after the Allen outlet shooting

ALLEN ( Grief over what happened at Allen’s outlet on Saturday was rife among the more than 1,000 shoppers who were there when the attack happened.

Today, the process of getting those buyers back to their cars has continued.

The FBI worked with the Allen Police Department to bus shoppers back to the outlet, clearing the way for them to access their vehicles.

There, shoppers were checked in and escorted by security to their vehicles. Commercial areas remained closed.

For some, it was a thrilling return to a scene of pure terror.

Shopper Shawn Patterson, an Iraq War veteran, was out Mother’s Day shopping when he heard gunshots. He ran to get children and families away from a play area when he heard gunshots.

Patterson said he saw the gunman shoot others. He called it the action of someone evil.

He did not return to the outlet site or join those laying flowers at the temporary memorial display.

She was an elderly woman – the victim of a shooting – who was cared for and worried about her condition.

“Once I got to her, I understood the extent of her injury – that’s when I called,” Patterson said. “I wanted them to know that there was one person alive… what to expect when they get to her.”

The victim Patterson aided has not been identified. She said the woman’s son was also at the mall, but he was not injured.

“Hope [is] all we can look for,” Patterson said. “My hope is to go to church on Sunday.”

Allen Police say the property was abandoned inside retail stores or restaurants they will be collected by the individual store managers and returned to the owners according to each store’s lost property policy.

Property abandoned in open areas such as parking lots, sidewalks, outdoor seating, or other community spaces will be available for pickup at the Family Assistance Center located at the Allen Senior Recreation Center (451 St. Mary Drive, Allen, TX 75002 ) Monday, From 8 May to Wednesday 10 May from 10:00 to 19:00

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