The demand for public shooting training is on the rise

NORTH TEXAS (CBSNewsTexas) – According to security experts, once reserved for the police supposed to stop a threat, planning and training for public shootings are becoming more common in retail stores, offices and other workplaces.

The lineup was cited by a retail store manager in Allen on Saturday, who said she moved customers and employees into dressing rooms, turned off the lights and locked the doors when filming began. She told CBS News Texas that she reviewed the drill with staff a few days earlier.

Teegna Broadwater, whose Fort Worth firm Tactical Systems Network provides advice and active training for shooters, said she has worked with warehouses, malls, manufacturing companies and more.

“Everyone is more hyper aware that something like this could happen, both from an internal point of view, and from an external point of view,” he said.

While circumstances and location can lead to customized plans, Broadwater said he often aims to streamline training, teaching employees the process of “Run, Hide, Fight.”

Sometimes it’s those employees now who are asking managers for training and procedures, he said, with incidents becoming more common.

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