After several reports of harassed women, you might now see more police officers at Dallas’ Katy Trail

DALLAS – In response to a recent flurry of harassment allegations, Dallas Police Department has pledged to bolster security along the beloved Katy Trail. A series of troubling incidents have unnerved frequent users of the trail, compelling the authorities to urge trail-goers to increase vigilance and recommend that they partake in their outdoor pursuits with companions whenever practicable.

A social media missive from the trail administrators implored individuals to dial 911 if they feel unsafe, advising the utilization of the trail’s mile marker signs to communicate their exact location to the police in case of emergency.

A regular patron of the trail, identified as Britton, unwilling to disclose her full identity, described a perturbing encounter from the previous Friday. She noted the unsettling presence of a man who trailed her a little too closely.

“Upon turning back for home, an alarming incident occurred. He snuck up behind me and violated my personal space,” Britton recounted. “In a knee-jerk response, I spun around, pushed him, and confronted him loudly.”

Britton subsequently filed a police report and came across a post on the community social media app, Nextdoor, featuring photos of a man alleged to be a harassment suspect on the Katy Trail. Owing to police not yet confirming the suspect’s identity or providing an official description, FOX 4 chose not to broadcast these images.

Another witness, Jordan B., opting to protect her identity, shared her own distressing encounter. She captured the suspect’s images upon a fellow trail user’s advice, aiming to serve as a warning for others.

During the follow-up investigation, a DPD detective invited Britton to help identify the suspect through a photo lineup. Despite the attempt, the victim admitted the challenge of providing a definitive identification.

“The detective told me that this is a common difficulty, given the suspect’s modus operandi of approaching victims from behind, leaving little opportunity for a clear visual assessment,” she said.

Reflecting on the fleeting yet deeply unsettling encounter, Britton confided that she has been unable to revisit the trail alone, lamenting the loss of what she considered a sanctuary. Yet, despite the trauma, Britton makes a clarion call for other victims to step forward and join her in resisting this intrusion into their cherished safe spaces.

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