Allen Outlets shooting: College student who harbored people inside store shares vivid memory of shooting

ALLEN, Texas – Hundreds of shoppers and employees had to be escorted out of Allen Premium Outlets on Saturday with arms raised, awaiting confirmation that they were safe.

D’Mya Foy, an associate at one of the Allen Premium Outlet stores, is trying to refocus.

“I just have to move on, get therapy. I have to be able to process how I need to process everything,” the 19-year-old said on Monday.

Saturday’s traumatic events, which claimed 8 innocent lives and injured others, are taking a significant toll on her mentally.

There was the adrenaline rush Foy experienced in securing people inside his store, and most disturbing, he says, was witnessing the carnage from the aftermath of the shooting scene as he left the area. in which the police shot and killed the gunman.

“My work has achieved by letting us know they’re providing someone to talk to us if we need them,” she said.

D’Mya calls the shooting an “unthinkable tragedy” and is considering a lot, including whether to return to her job.

“Yes and no. Yes, because I’m a little scared to go back, because I don’t know if it’s going to happen again,” Foy said.

Despite everything, D’Mya is at heart a loyal employee.

“Because it’s graduation season, we already have a stream of people coming into the store, so for them to lose a member now it would be very difficult for them,” she said.

She is a college student studying social work, fully realizing the gravity of it all.

“At 19 we should be at college parties having fun. Like working, having fun, spending time with family, going to parties, making mistakes in life probably, but not seeing a body,” Foy said.

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