Alligators are not good pets! Texas man gets subpoena after baby alligator is kept in 4-gallon fish tank at home

TEXAS – A Texas man has received a summons for keeping a baby alligator in his home as a pet, according to the Nacogdoches Police Department.

Officers alerted Texas Gamekeeper Sean Reneau about a baby alligator kept at a local residence in a 40-gallon tank.

Officers responded to the house on a separate matter and the alligator disappeared from its tank, police said. When Reneau arrived at the house, he talked to the owner of the house and helped find the alligator.

The puppy was later found hiding in a blue tub in the back yard.

The homeowner confessed that he found the alligator in a river, picked it up and brought it home as a pet.

According to Texas Game Wardens, based on its size, it was determined by Reneau that the alligator hatched just a week or two earlier and had only been in human possession for a couple of days.

The man was charged with possession of an American alligator. The game warden said the alligator was being moved to where he was found.

“In early summer, the hatchlings are easy to find and identify by their unique calls. That call isn’t for you, it’s for their mom. Please leave them alone and let their mothers take care of them,” the gamekeeper’s post read.

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