Brownsville border crash: Grief and guilt expressed online for deaths after SUV crashes into crowd

A damaged vehicle stands at the site of a fatal collision near a bus stop in Brownsville, Texas on Sunday, May 7, 2023. (Brian Svendsen/NewsNation/KVEO-TV via AP) (Associated Press)

BROWNSVILLE, Texas – Eight people died and at least 10 others were injured after an SUV driver crashed into a crowd of people waiting for a bus on Sunday outside a migrant shelter in Brownsville, Texas.

The accident and the driver, as well as media narratives and politics are at the heart of the tragedy being discussed online.

Here’s what people are saying. Warning: some messages may contain outdated information (here is the latest report) and graphic language.

A man crashed into a bus stop #BrownsvilleTX while in his SUV. He killed 7 people.

Pray for this world. It’s so broken.

— La Cucaracha (@SparksIgniteYou) May 8, 2023

One thing is for sure….. this weekend here in Texas was also very sad! #Allen #AllenTexas & #BrownsvilleTX …… I am speechless. I am so sorry and praying for everyone who has lost a loved one. My heart and thoughts truly go out to all of you.

— Gaby Sunshine #IStandWithUkraine (@Schatzilein8) May 8, 2023

Again, I’m sure we’ll see more details in the morning.

Accounts of people using this very transparent fact about #BrownsvilleTX (with #ValleRioGrande) are both 1) unfamiliar with the demographics of my hometown and 2) spread propaganda 3) have low media literacy.

— Amanda Lepre (@amandalepre) May 8, 2023

My heart breaks today for the seven Venezuelan refugees, who were legally in the United States in a migrant center waiting for a bus, and a man chose to run over them killing seven and seriously injuring many more. United States.Brownsville

— cartoons stonemoss (kendall) (@identcarewhy77) May 8, 2023

attacks inside #Allen & #BrownsvilleTX happened in the border region. I live in a border region and care for friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, alumni and other artists. I worry a lot.

—RebeccaRomani (@rebeccaromani) May 8, 2023

I am so frustrated and disgusted. Innocent people lost there live #BrownsvilleTX. These are humans who have been mowed down. When will this bullshit end? The fact that nobody cares is even worse. You wouldn’t be happy if it was your family. Would you?

— Antonio Ornelas (@yeah83062128) May 8, 2023

I can feel all the jaws hitting the floor and the sheer disappointment of the left when they realized it wasn’t a white man. #BrownsvilleTX #brownville

— Danielle_the_Deplorable (@BluediniFree) May 8, 2023

Who cares who these people are. They are killing people who don’t need to be killed. Not all Hispanics are illegal. Stop spreading hate. Start caring about people. #ClevelandTX #AllenTx #BrownsvilleTX

— BrattyCat (@AliceDragic) May 8, 2023

Texans; My God, I am puzzled by the tragic events today in both Allen and Brownsville… who are recovering from the tragedy in Cleveland last week.

Lone Star State is not just tonight. I pray for the victims and I keep the Heartland in my heart #AllenTX #BrownsvilleTX #Texas

— «RÿZîE» (@bbSeal1024) May 8, 2023

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