Dangerous heat ignites!

As I blogged on Wednesday, April turned out to be cooler and wetter for us and, indeed, we had some lovely spring evenings! Now, a large high pressure system over our area will bring a WET southeasterly flow from the gulf and a front trying to cross it brings a warm southwesterly wind toward us (the front isn’t moving, by the way). So get ready for those Feels Like numbers that will hit nearly 100th this weekend!

Saturday’s actual air temperature could reach 91° with a dew point temperature of 74° and a relative humidity of 58%. Calculated, which brings a heat index temperature of 101°! You can use this calculator from the National Weather Service to input your numbers. Here is a list of friendly reminders to prevent heat exhaustion or heatstroke:

Heat tips

If you think someone is experiencing heat stroke or a burnout, look for these symptoms:

Heat hazard

Most importantly, we must all work together to prevent hot car deaths. So far this year, two children have died in hot cars up from 22 last year. From 1998 to 2018, there were 800 pediatric vehicular deaths (the average is 38 per year according to that National Safety Council). Remember all that energy you had as a kid? That energy actually translates into a child warming up three to five times faster than an adult. And see how quickly a car can warm up when it’s only 90 degrees outside:

Cars heat up fast!

Just as many, if not more, pets die in hot cars every year. Breaking a window doesn’t cut it. I found a great website on how and why car deaths happen (and, yes, this happens to adults too). You can check out the site right here.

On a more cheerful note, many celebrate Cinco de Mayo today by honoring Mexican history and traditions. England is about to have a new king and the Kentucky Derby will crown its champion. While the weekend brings our warmest weather yet this year, there are still plenty of reasons to enjoy it!

Have a safe and fresh weekend!


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