Father’s Day Murder Suspect Identified; the victim’s family gains hope

HOUSTON – The case of a man murdered in front of his family on Father’s Day is a step towards the solution. Houston police said they believe they now know who pulled the trigger.

KPRC 2 spoke to the victim’s grieving family for the first time following the shooting. They spoke to us again hoping to keep up the momentum and get the suspected killer off the streets.

“It’s hard for my little girl to ask myself, ‘Why did that man do this to my father?’ I have no answers for her,” said Debora Hernandez, who is the wife of Nestor Ulises Saldaña.

She and her family are reeling in grief, but are now one step closer to justice for Saldaña. Hernandez and several other witnesses said 29-year-old Anthony Campos Galvan Jr. was the man who shot Saldaña in the head, killing him on Father’s Day.

After the shooting, police released pictures of the suspect and his Jeep Wrangler with large red rims near the scene at the Magnolia Park apartments on Avenue C. Tips took them to Galvan. Hernandez and several others positively identified him as the shooter in a series of photos.

“I know it was him. I picked it up in seconds,” Hernandez said. “They asked me, ‘What makes you think it’s so fast?’ I said, ‘I looked him in the eye when I told him there are children here.’”

The reason for the killing of her beloved husband and father is unclear. Police said they were told a little girl believed to be Galvan’s daughter was among those playing in the pool where Saldaña and her family were partying at the time, and that she went to get Galvan. Witnesses said Galvan returned angrily and began arguing with Saldaña before gunning him down.

The warrant said surveillance footage showed Galvan leaving the pool area and Saldaña following. Galvan apparently jumped into the Jeep and then shot Saldaña once in the head as he approached.

“It gave me chills to see his face, but I was happy that they identified him within days,” Hernandez said.

But now Galvan appears to be missing.

“I’m pretty sure he knows the damage he’s caused my family,” Galvan said.

Hernandez and his family said they won’t stop until Galvan is behind bars.

“So we can at least have some closure,” he added.

If you have any idea where Anthony Campos Galvan Jr. is, please call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS. You may be eligible for a prize of up to $5,000 and you will remain anonymous.

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