Have Amy show the notes: car purchase, contracts and rights

This week we talk about all things car buying and car fraud. It’s one of the most common questions we get. Amy Davis joins Dana Karni of Lone Star Legal Aid to share what you should know when it comes to used cars, contracts and rights.

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How to get help if you have trouble with your car

Lone Star legal assistance

Better Business Bureau

Texas Attorney General

Office of the Consumer Credit Commissioner

Texas Department of Motor Vehicles

Lemon law

How do I know if my vehicle is a Lemon?

Arguments for timecode

2:00 Questions to ask when buying a used car

4:00 Who to complain to if you have an issue with an auto dealer

7:00 They may leave money on the table during the trade

8:30 What a lawyer can do to help you if you have a problem with the car dealer

9:00 Arbitration clauses on contracts, very unfair to consumers

11:25am consumer law in Texas

1:00pm Lemon Law Protections

3pm voiding the warranty

17:53 Many consumer laws allow for commissions to be moved to the other side

20:00 Arbitration clause on contracts

11:00 pm Call the insurance company before buying the car to ask about the cost of the insurance coverage

24:00 Yoyo financing

KPRC articles related to car buying

The car dealer takes the car back more than a year after the sale

Can dealerships charge above the MSRP?

Nightmares for buying cars online

Ask Amy: Used Car Buying Advice

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