Immigration policy, new Texas Senate bill could impact Harris Co., debt ceiling fight & more on Houston Newsmakers

In this episode:

  • Khambrel Marshall discusses immigration policy with a Rice University political scientist as Title 42 is about to expire.

  • Political scientist Jeronimo Cortina also examines new law passed by the Texas Senate that could overturn election results in Harris County.

  • Experts also talk about how the debt ceiling battle is impacting Americans.

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What will be the impact of the revocation of Title 42 on May 11?

Mark Jones, Ph.D. Political Science Fellow, Baker Institute at Rice University and Jeronimo Cortina, Ph.D. UH political scientist and director, UH Population Health Faculty Initiatives (KPRC)

The politics around US immigration policy has been incredibly controversial. The tone of discord will rise even higher next week as Trump-era Stock 42 is set to expire. That policy was initiated during the pandemic as a way to get migrants away from the US border before they could be processed or seek asylum. The lifting of that policy on May 11 is expected to add further uncertainty to how immigrants are allowed into the United States. Professor Mark Jones is a political science fellow at Rice University’s Baker Institute, and in this week’s Houston Newsmakers with Khambrel Marshall said current policy is too outdated.

“It was more designed for the era where people were fleeing political persecution in the Soviet Union or Cuba in small numbers,” Jones said. “It is not equipped to be able to handle 200,000 people from El Salvador, 300,000 from Honduras, 500,000 from Guatemala and Haiti seeking political asylum.”

What are the chances of an effective policy being created? This is one of the topics on this week’s programme.


How far can the Texas Senate go to take control of the Harris County electoral process?

Texas State Senate moves to take control of Harris County electoral process (KPRC-Pixabay)

The Texas Senate has passed legislation that would give the secretary of state the power to overturn Harris County’s election results. The legislation has yet to pass the House and political scientist Jeronimo Cortina, Ph.D. said that even if the bill is intended as a threat, Harris County voters should be cautious.

“They (the state) will have the prerogative to do what they think is best,” he said. “Whether it has political or legal ramifications, it’s obviously going to have those things, but it’s going to be on the books and the possibility is there.”


-How the debt ceiling impasse is already having a negative impact

-Handicapping the Houston Mayoral race

-How the Trump trial and legal challenges are affecting his run for president

LaShawn Denise Witt, Ed.D. Host of the Wonderwoman Conference to be held in Houston May 10-13 (KPRC)

The Wonder Woman Conference is coming to Houston

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