Luxury candle brand sued after Houston-area woman claims it exploded, leaving her with severe burns

Video taken by a home security camera shows the woman trying to put out the flames before they break out.

HOUSTON – A Seabrook woman says a scented candle exploded in her hands, leaving her with severe burns that required multiple surgeries.

The incident happened around Thanksgiving last year. RickiLynn Gardner told KHOU 11 that she suffered severe burns that resulted in multiple surgeries. Eight months later, she still has to put on gloves to protect her new skin.

A Blink camera inside her home captured the scary moment the candle exploded in her hands. Gardner and a pair of Houston attorneys have filed a $1 million federal lawsuit against Florida-based Aroma360, which does business under the Hotel Collection name, in hopes of covering its medical bills.

“Being a single mom, having a small child … she wants to get out and do stuff,” Gardner said. “She also said my hands ruined her life. It’s hard for me to deal with.”

Gardner says the candle engulfed her hands in flames and covered them in molten wax, which caused her severe burns.

“The danger of these candles cannot be overstated,” said attorney Randy Sorrels, representing Gardner. “The consumer public should be warned about how these products can cause fire, explosion and injury.”

According to the law firm, consumer research showed similar incidents were reported with the Florida-based company.

KHOU 11 has reached out to the companies involved in the lawsuit for a statement, but has yet to receive a response.

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