‘My 6 has been loaded’: Texas meteorologist apologizes after viral posts about almost shooting a child who rang the doorbell

TEXAS – A meteorologist in North Texas is at the center of controversy despite his apology after he claims he almost shot a child who recently rang the doorbell.

According to an NPR article, Chris Robbins, who founded iWeatherNet, wrote the following on Facebook:

“A little boy just rang at my door. Folks, DON’T ring any bells in 2023. My 6 was loaded,” she said, referring to a gun. “Keep your kids away.”

Although the post has since been deleted, a disgruntled viewer took a screenshot of the message.

Later, Robbins wrote in a separate update: “Guys, it’s a bad idea to let your kids go around ringing bells in 2023. Read the news. Stop that.”

He shared on social media that the boy was reportedly looking for his lost kitten and that he warned her that he “could pull her hair” if she rang the bell again. She concluded by saying: “Others out there will cause harm. Please teach your children to stay away from doorbells.

Days later, Robbins finally apologized for his actions, stating that he was “really, really sorry” for the post and stated that he was “just in a foul mood, so I lashed out on social media.”

She said it was a ‘mistake of judgement’, adding: ‘I love everyone and I hope you can all forgive me. The point was, in light of recent events involving doorbells, it’s not a good idea to go around ringing them. I couldn’t hurt a flea. I helped that little girl find her kitten.

Robbins covers the Dallas-Fort Worth and Atlanta areas and has approximately 115,000 followers on his social media platforms.

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