The Galveston ISD school board argues into the night to determine the fate of the superintendent

GALVESTON, Texas — The fate of the Galveston ISD superintendent is expected to be determined Monday night in the wake of comments he made at the groundbreaking ceremony for the district’s new high school.

Superintendent Dr. Jerry Gibson reportedly called the women “worker bees,” saying they worked behind the scenes to make men look good. He also said that a man was needed to “make it”.

Galveston residents shared their thoughts at the meeting Monday night. Some defended the superintendent.

“I know that was not his intention,” said Ball High School senior Bailey Gonzalez.

“Misogyny is not the policy of this district,” said GISD mother Nicole Obert.

Gibson’s comments were recorded by KHOU 11’s media partner, the Galveston Daily News. On the recording, Gibson can be heard saying, “…done behind the scenes and keep pushing and taking care of the details. That’s what they do, men, isn’t it? They take care of the details for us and they do their best.” better to make us look good even if we don’t give them much to work in. But we’re, we’re saying, we need a man there to pull it off.

The Galveston Daily News reported that Gibson disputed those comments until the paper released an audiotape of the ceremony in which he made the statements.

“It’s that he said no to a paper, ‘No, I didn’t. I think it was something like ‘No ma’am,'” GISD parent Lauren Scott said. “No sir. We all heard it. It was on a microphone. It was in front of at least 100 people…students. And just for the record, I have a son, and I don’t think he needs to hear that rubbish either.” .”

However, others considered the superintendent’s remarks and actions errors of judgment that they felt should be forgiven.

“If anyone in this room has ever said something they wish they hadn’t said, or said anything they wish they’d have said differently, raise your hand because I’m in the club that it has,” said GISD parent Archie Hart.

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