The judge deemed him “disqualified” to hear the Santa Fe shooting case

SANTA FE, Texas – A court on Monday ruled that the current judge hearing arguments in the Santa Fe mass shooting case is “disqualified.”

Judge Jeth Jones’ former law partner worked briefly on the case, causing the trouble that took him out of the case.

The accused shooter remains in a state hospital in North Texas. He has been ruled unable to stand trial over the shooting that killed 10 people in 2018. His lawyer said he wants to make sure the new judge has no bias.

“We’re going to move to a new court with a new judge, but a very knowledgeable one, a very fair one and who isn’t constitutionally disqualified, so that’s fine,” defense attorney Nicholas Poehl said.

Judge Lonnie Cox takes over the case.

The district attorney’s office released a statement saying it was disappointed at the loss of Jones, but Cox is known for making decisions that were fair for all parties.

“Our office is disappointed to have lost Judge Jones, but we believe Judge Cox will handle the case fairly and efficiently. He is known for making decisive decisions that are fair to all parties,” said the District Attorney at Galveston County, Jack Roady.

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