District Attorney’s Records Reveal New Details About Night of Clayton Perry’s Alleged Hit-and-Run

Newly obtained records say the cashier felt “uncomfortable” after the D10 City Council representative drove through the drive-thru. Police estimated he had a blood alcohol content of 0.25.

SAN ANTONIO — San Antonio Police estimate District 10 Councilman Clayton Perry had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.25 on the night of a hit-and-run accident last November in which he was allegedly behind the wheel.

New Bexar County District Attorney’s Office documents obtained by KENS 5 outline the San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) investigation into that hit and run. Perry pleaded no contest and received a deferred judgment last month.

Surveillance video shows the outgoing city council member at the Evil Olive bar on November 6. He can be seen sipping one of the eight beers and six shots he consumed over the span of four hours, according to a SAPD report.

Bar staff told police they believed Perry did not appear drunk or slurred, but also said Perry has a history of going off the cards.

According to interviews with staff, Perry allegedly told a 17-year-old cashier, “I love you, I’m just here to see you” when he walked through Bill Miller’s drive-thru without ordering anything later that evening. Instead he offered to pay for the order of the vehicle behind him and tried to give the manager his keys and wallet.

Perry left the restaurant and allegedly hit a Honda Civic at the intersection of Jones-Maltsberger and Redland Roads. SAPD body cam video shows officers found Perry in his front yard with his Jeep still moving in the driveway.

He never explicitly told officers he was drinking that night, only saying he “enjoyed it.”

Perry said he did not contest DWI’s felony charges and did not stop and provide information. His deferred judgment of him means that he cannot drink alcohol for a year.


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