‘Dreams literally crushed’ | Immigration advocates say the fatal Brownsville crash highlights the lack of aid for migrants

At least eight people were killed outside a refuge hosting migrants as they waited for a bus to transport them to their next destination.

BROWNSVILLE, Pa. – Calls for change are growing after a vehicle crashed into a crowd outside a Brownsville shelter that housed migrants.

Police Chief Felix Sauceda said driver George Alvarez, 34, is facing multiple counts of manslaughter and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Toxicology reports are pending as investigators are still trying to determine whether the crash was intentional.

Of the 18 people affected, Chief Sauceda said eight died and ten others were seriously injured after Sunday’s crash near a bus stop. He identified the victims as mostly Venezuelan men.

The investigation continues.

Meanwhile, vigils are being held in the border city south of San Antonio to mourn the victims. Others gathered at the crash site on Monday to demand change. The immigration rights lawyer and executive director of La UniĆ³n Del Pueblo Entero (LUPE) said the victims were waiting for a bus to transport them to their next destination in the country.

“It’s painful, very painful to know that their dreams have literally been crushed,” said Tania Chavez.

As Title 42 expires at midnight on Thursday, Chavez said this incident highlights the lack of infrastructure for migrants seeking asylum. Supporters are calling on state and federal officials to take action.

“To ensure shelters and organizing in South Texas and border regions are well equipped,” he said.

The police chief will not answer questions on Monday about how the city is protecting migrants. He said the city is setting up a reunification center and assistance will be provided to victims of the tragic accident.


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