Mayor Nirenberg re-elected; 2 rounds, 1 new San Antonio City Councilman

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San Antonio voters re-elected Mayor Ron Nirenberg and seven city council members Saturday night.

On the other hand, D1 board member Mario Bravo heads to the second round on June 10, as do two new candidates for District 7.

The most important voting item in this cycle, Proposition A, was heavily defeated in the May 6 election, but most city council races were much closer.

Here’s a summary of the results of the San Antonio City Hall elections.

San Antonio Mayor

Steve Spryster will be live streaming the results of the election in real time when the polls close and the numbers start rolling in on Saturday at 7:00 pm.

Nine candidates failed in their bid to remove Mayor Ron Nirenberg on Saturday night.

The mayor won his fourth and final two-year term with over 61% of the vote, similar to the percentage of the vote he received in 2021.

At his campaign watch party, Nirenberg announced his victory and hugged his wife and son – see Nirerberg’s victory speech above.

District Council 1

. (KSAT)

Perhaps the most surprising outcome of Saturday’s election was that incumbent Mario Bravo came in second and went to the second round along with Sukh Kaur.

Kaur received 34% of the vote and Bravo 26%.

Former Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolf supported Kaur, who owns an educational consulting company, and was the first to announce that she would be in contention for the seat.

Bravo is fighting to keep its seat on the board after a tumultuous past year.

He was denounced and received a vote of no confidence from his fellow council members after scolding District 7 council member Ana Sandoval on September 15 ahead of a budget vote. An independent investigation found that Bravo violated the city’s Equal Employment Opportunity/Anti-Harassment and Violence guidelines. at work.

Bravo faced eight opponents, including Jeremy Roberts, a professor at Texas A&M University in San Antonio and a small business owner backed by Express-News. Roberts came in third with just over 20% of the vote.

Bravo and Kaur will now face off on June 10, with the winner receiving a city council in the city center.

Soviet District 2

Jalen McKee-Rodriguez – Presumed District 2 Winner (KSAT 2023)

Jalen McKee-Rodriguez is expected to be the first candidate to be re-elected in District 2 in a decade.

The former District 2 teacher and assistant faced nine opponents, including several community activists, but won about 56% of the vote to secure a second term on the East Side.

Denise Gutiérrez, who ran unsuccessfully for mayor in 2021, came in second in terms of the number of votes, with about 15%. This is her second attempt at this position. She failed to garner enough votes to defeat Jada Andrews-Sullivan in 2019.

No other candidate scored more than 10%.

“I think people really underestimate the relationships I’ve built in my district,” he said at his campaign watch party. “While I was knocking on doors, people were saying, ‘You support Prop A, but I really like you.’ I like what you do, how you communicate with me. But I don’t think I can vote for it.” So I will respect that.”

“I think about every decision I make on the platform, how it will affect my students, my students who are struggling to come to class, or when they were in class, it will be difficult for them,” he said . “I got advice to change our equity lens so that District 2 gets over millions of dollars.”

District 3 Council

. (KSAT)

The next night race was in area 3 on the south side.

Council member Phyllis Viagran narrowly avoided a runoff with 51% of the vote, just over the runoff threshold of 50%.

Erin Gallegos Reed received just over 22%.

District 4 Council

Adriana Rocha Garcia re-elected to a third term in District 4 (Copyright 2023 KSAT – All Rights Reserved).

City Councilwoman Adriana Rocha Garcia won her third city council term Saturday night with 75% of the vote in the Southwest Side constituency.

Her only opponent was Gregorio De La Paz.

District 5 Council

Teri Castillo wins re-election in District 5 (Copyright 2023, KSAT – All rights reserved.)

Westside City Councilwoman Teri Castillo won her third city council term Saturday night with over 63% of the vote.

Rudy Lopez was one of her two opponents and received just over 31%.

District 6 Council

Melissa Cabello Hawrda – Presumed District 6 Winner (KSAT 2023)

Councilwoman Melissa Cabello Hawrda won without a runoff, receiving about 54% of the vote in the outlying West Side constituency.

She beat off two rivals, including Irina Rudolf, who scored about 35%.

District 7 Council

. (KSAT)

Newcomers Marina Alderete Gavito and Dan Rossiter go to the second round on June 10 in District 7, receiving 43% and 21% of the vote, respectively.

“I still want to use my business acumen and community leadership experience to serve residents and ensure accountability and transparency at City Hall. Use my business acumen to make sure our tax dollars are used efficiently and effectively,” Alderete Gavito said after the results were published.

Regarding her opponent: “We just focused on questions. Since January of this year, we started talking about real problems, transport, infrastructure, the needs of the inhabitants of the seventh district all the way from Bandera in the north to Culebra in the south, and it worked, ”said Rossiter.

The vacant seat on the northwest side was created when Ana Sandoval resigned from the city council in January, citing growing personal obligations.

Alderete Gavito, who has served on several boards including VIA, Bexar County Child Protective Services, and UTSA College of Engineering. The former Rackspace and USAA employee is a graduate of St. Mary’s University.

Rossiter sits on the Board of Directors of the Brooks Development Authority and was appointed to the 2022-2027 Streets, Bridges and Sidewalks Public Bond Committee by District 6 Councilwoman Melissa Cabello Hawrda.

Sandragrace Martinez finished third with 18%. She is a licensed professional advisor who won the Democratic nomination for land commissioner in 2022 but lost the general election.

Maria del Rosario “Rosie” Castro, civil rights activist and mother of prominent Democratic politicians, Julian Castro, former mayor of San Antonio and member of the Obama administration cabinet, and U.S. House of Representative Joaquin Castro have been appointed to complete the past three months. the term of Sandoval’s council. But she is not running in this election.

Jacob B. Chapa and Andrew “AJ” Luck were also on the ballot.

District 8 Council

Manny Pelaez re-elected to a fourth term in District 8 (Copyright KSAT 2023 – All rights reserved.)

Board member Manny Pelaez was re-elected with a solid performance on Saturday night, 70% ahead of his only challenger, Cesario Garcia.

Previously, Pelaez represented the Northwest Side District for three terms.

District 9 Council

John Courage – Presumed District 9 Winner (KSAT 2023)

Councilman John Courage fought off three opponents and won about 62% of the vote to move on for re-election.

This will be Courage’s fourth term in the North Side/Stone Oak area.

District 10 Council

Mark White – Presumed District 10 Winner (KSAT 2023)

District 10 Councilman Clayton Perry did not seek re-election after his high-profile arrest for drunk driving.

Mark White was considered the leader in this race and won about 58% of the vote on election night.

The small business owner was able to fend off six opponents and win without a second round.

It has been approved by the San Antonio Professional Firefighters Association and the San Antonio Police Officers Association.

San Antonio

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