Prop A suffers a crushing defeat in San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO – Proposal A was defeated by a wide margin of 28-72 on Saturday night.

The measure was the biggest turnout factor in that election, with more people voting for the controversial proposal than in the San Antonio mayoral race.

Dubbed the “Charter of Justice of San Antonio” by supporters, Proposition A was to decriminalize marijuana possession and abortion, expand the city’s expanded citation and exemption program, create a new “Director of Justice” position, and enact bans on chokeholds and a ban on strangulation. knock out warrants in the city charter.

The expansion of citation and publication proved to be the most controversial element, with opponents arguing that it would lead to an increase in crime. This proposal would make it largely mandatory for officers to issue misdemeanor charges, whereas currently they have discretion to charge or arrest.


Act 4 SA Executive Director Ananda Thomas, who led the coalition of groups that put the initiative to a vote, said their grassroots efforts are not enough to raise big money.

She said Protect SA PAC, a police union-controlled political committee, funded a flurry of negative publicity that she called “the lies and disinformation that were posted there backed up by more than $2 million.” We know that in the end, in the long run, people will always win over the interests of big money.”

Steve Spryster interviews Ananda Thomas of Act 4 SA after the voting results show Prop A losing heavily in the election.

San Antonio Police Officers Association President Danny Diaz called the results of the vote “impressive” and paid tribute to the community for learning about the measure and defeating it in the election.

“It was not a partisan issue. It was a community issue. Work doesn’t stop tonight. The work is ongoing so we’re reaching out to the community so they understand what we’re doing as cops for them to make sure they’re safe.”

Steve Spryster interviews San Antonio Police Officers Association President Danny Diaz about the defeat of Prop A.

San Antonio Safe PAC, the business group opposed to the proposal, released the following statement:

“San Antonio voters made the right choice. Proposal A sought to enshrine in our city’s charter exactly those measures that had led to disastrous consequences in cities like San Francisco, Portland, and Austin. The defeat of Proposition A is a victory for local families, local businesses, and/or our quality of life. San Antonio is one of America’s unique, great cities, and today our citizens say loud and clear that we want it to stay that way. We have come a long way in a very short period of time. Just 6 weeks ago, a group of dedicated community members came together to tell voters what Proposition A really means for San Antonio, and we’ve accomplished just that. Once the people of San Antonio realized that Proposition A would ban arrests for theft up to $750, graffiti vandalism up to $2,500, and some simple assaults and domestic violence, they united in opposition and pushed for the safety of local families and local businesses remained our top priority. a priority”.

The feasibility of the electoral initiative was also in doubt. The San Antonio City Attorney said that only the office of director of justice could be filled. The rest, he said, are against state law and the city will not enforce them even if they are passed.

Watch the video below for an explanation of Proposition A.

The activists argued that if Proposition A was passed, he should enforce the will of the voters.

Six other cities in Texas have taken action to decriminalize marijuana with varying effects, and San Marcos also has mandatory citation and release.

San Antonio appears to be the first city in Texas to attempt to decriminalize abortion through voting.

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