What is the May coronation of Mary?

SAN ANTONIO – The Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Queen of the World … these are all the names by which Mary is known.

Just driving through San Antonio, you will find several murals or artwork depicting her.

One of the most famous in the city is “Veladora Our Lady of Guadalupe” by the late Jesse Trevino.

The Archdiocese of San Antonio said more than 800,000 residents identify themselves as Catholic.

In May, Catholics celebrate the coronation of Mary, when a crown with flowers is placed on Mary’s head.

In the Northern Hemisphere, May is known for spring flowers, which can symbolize rebirth.

Dr. Robert Fastiggi is Chair of the Department of Dogmatic Theology at the Sacred Heart Graduate Seminary in Chicago.

Fastigi said that as early as the Middle Ages, Christians began to honor Mary during various monthly celebrations throughout May.

Fastigi said that in the Catholic Church, the reality of Easter and its promise of new life is often symbolized by flowers, as spring itself represents the season of growth.

He said that because flowers represent new life and Catholics believe that the motherhood of Mary Jesus plays an important role in the new life brought by Easter, she is rewarded with flowers.

So why flowers and a crown?

Fastigi explained how the May coronation tradition helps Catholics value Mary as the Queen Mother, who they believe reigns in heaven with Jesus Christ, their King. You can also see statues of Mary with a rosary.

Catholics use the rosary not to pray to Mary, but as a tool to ask Mary for her prayers due to the Catholic belief in her intimacy with her son Jesus.

You can find a mural of Mary in the 700th block of San Pedro, in the 900th block on E. Elmira street, and in the 1300th block on Guadalupe street.

Inside the Cathedral of San Fernando, located at 115 Main Plaza, there is a shrine to Our Lady of Guadalupe and other beautiful statues in honor of Mary.

And on the main campus of the University of the Incarnate Word there is a grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes.

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