Allen outlet shooting: Warrant reveals what authorities found in the motel room of the suspected shooter

Mauricio Garcia, 33, was staying at the Budget Suites of America extended stay motel on North Stemmons Freeway in Dallas, according to a search warrant.

ALLEN, Texas — Authorities who searched the motel room of Allen’s suspected shooter found three boxes of ammunition, a holstered knife, a tactical vest, handcuffs and various other items, according to a search warrant obtained Monday by the WFAA.

Mauricio Garcia, 33, was staying at the Budget Suites of America, an extended-stay motel, on North Stemmons Freeway in Dallas, according to a search warrant.

The warrant said officers drove to the motel after seeing that his address listed as Garcia’s home address on his driver’s license.

Garcia was killed by police at the scene of the shooting on Saturday, May 6, when eight victims were killed at the Allen Premium Outlets.

According to a search warrant obtained exclusively by WFAA, investigators found several handguns, long guns, and ammunition inside Garcia’s gray 2014 Dodge Charger at the scene of the shooting.

The warrant did not list the weapon used in the shooting, although President Joe Biden called it an “AR-15 style” weapon in a statement released by the White House a day later.

As part of their investigation, authorities searched Garcia’s motel room suspecting there might be “additional weapons, ammunition, holsters, gun cases” and more.

The return on the search warrant was filed Monday, with a handwritten listing of the inventory.

Items found in Garcia’s hotel included:

  • Three ammo boxes with various loose shells
  • Silver colored handcuffs
  • Knife in holster
  • Holster
  • 2 black hats, one with “Killin It” on it, the other with “Security” on it.
  • A micro SD adapter attached to a hand written note (the note was not disclosed in the return of the warrant)
  • Three 256GB micro SD cards
  • Received from GT distributors
  • Six handwritten notes
  • Received “Carolina Caliber”.
  • Nine shells in a “critical defense box”
  • Rifle handguard
  • Various notebooks
  • Soft case
  • Ammunition box
  • Cash receipt for GT distributors
  • Received revised extension
  • Tactical vest
  • Handwritten note
  • Images

Officials have not yet released any information about a possible motive for the shooting.

An Army officer confirmed to WFAA that Garcia had been in the US Army in 2008 but was removed due to mental health issues.

“Mauricio Garcia joined the regular Army in June 2008,” U.S. Army Public Affairs spokeswoman Heather J. Hagan said in a news release. “He was fired three months later without completing initial entry training. He was not awarded a military occupational specialty. He had no deployments or awards. We do not provide discharge characterization for any soldier.”

An Army official also tells the WFAA that Garcia was “separated under the 2005 edition of Army Regulation 635-200, paragraph 5-17, Other designated physical or mental conditions.”

“This is a common leave for recruits who can’t adjust to military life,” said attorney Bradford J. Glendening, a former member of the U.S. Army’s Judge Advocate General’s Corps (JAG). “Soldiers who are discharged without completing initial entry training receive uncharacterized shocks. Uncharacterized shocks are just what they sound like: they are neither favorable nor unfavorable. No benefits are gained, nor lost, with an uncharacterized shock .”

Law enforcement sources added that their investigation found Garcia espoused a far-right ideology and had a dislike for people of color and Jews.

According to sources, the 33-year-old had also worked as a licensed security guard. He recently worked at an aluminum supply company, sources confirm.

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