Boil Water Notice in effect for Ennis after an overnight power outage at the water system

ENNIS, Texas – The Texas Commission of Environment Quality (TCEQ) has required the city of Ennis to issue a boil-water notice, according to city officials.

An official told WFAA that the city of Ennis water system lost power Saturday night due to storms. Electricity has since been restored and there is water available, but the water pressure has dropped to a point where a boil water warning has been deemed mandatory.

Ennis officials say customers must boil water before consuming it (washing hands/face, drinking, brushing teeth, etc.).

To make sure there are no harmful bacteria or other microbes, officials suggest bringing the water to a “vigorous boil,” then letting it boil for two minutes before letting it cool.

The city will issue a warning once the boiling water warning is lifted.

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