Charlie Lauersdorf will represent District 4 of the Fort Worth City Council

Council newcomer Charlie Lauersdorf will represent District 4 after winning 60 percent of the vote over opponent Teresa Ramirez Gonzalez.

District 4 was an open location that included Alliance Corridor and neighborhoods north of Loop 820. In the process of redistricting the district, the previous council representative, Alan Blaylock, was moved to District 10. Blaylock won his race to represent that area.

Lauersdorf, a small business owner and combat veteran, pledged support for first responders and said he would work to lower property taxes.

In a Facebook post on Friday, Lauersdorf said Election Day was just the beginning of his journey as an elected official.

“From there, it’s up to elected officials to do just what they said they would do: serve not just those who elected them, but everyone they represent. And that’s exactly what I plan to do once I’m elected,” she said in the post.

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