Flores, Crain, and Nettles remain in the Fort Worth City Council seats in an uncontested election

Three elected city council members secured their seats as city council members in uncontested races for the upcoming May 6 election. District 2 Board Member Carlos Flores, District 3’s Michael Crain, and District 8’s Chris Nettles all rode in uncontested races. Two candidates have raised thousands of dollars despite not having a competitor.

District 3 Council Member Michael Crain was elected in May 2021. He received 5,106 votes. Crain ranks fifth with the most money raised this election: $166,642.96. Donors include a $25,000 donation from Creative Solutions in Healthcare CEO Gary Blake and a $10,000 donation from Steve Greig, an entrepreneur working in finance.

Crain has identified many issues as his priorities as a board member. Among them are infrastructure, making sure the city is “smartly developed” as it grows, and public safety, according to the candidate’s questionnaire.

District 2 council member Carlos Flores was elected in May 2017. He received 1,145 votes in the election. He raised $47,350 for his campaign.

“I am ready and excited to continue serving as a member of your city council,” Flores wrote a chirp announcing his candidacy.

District 8 Board Member Chris Nettles was elected in 2021 and received 1,649 votes. He has not received any campaign donations from him. Nettles supported a citizen review police committee as part of his campaign. His priorities also include economic development, small business, and the expansion of infrastructure and public services.

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