TCC voters return one incumbent to the council, but send others to the ballot

The Tarrant County University District Board will see at least one return to office while the other faces a runoff election.

May 6 voters gave District 5 trustee Leonard Hornsby his first full six-year term. In District 4. However, they are still weighing their options and have sent longtime incumbent Bill Greenhill and challenger Laura Forkner Pritchett to a second round of the election scheduled for June 10.

At 11:15 pm on May 6, Hornsby won 51.74% of the vote, while her only challenger, Arlington educator Nikki Stroba, received 48.26%, according to unofficial election results.

Hornsby, who has served on the board since 2021, represents southeast Tarrant County, including South Arlington, Mansfield and Grand Prairie.

No candidate had a majority of the vote in District 4, where there were four candidates on the ballot. However, only three actively campaigned.

Pritchett, a Republican Tarrant County Borough Chairman, was the first to garner the votes, according to early unofficial returns. He received 42.26%, a nearly 12 percentage point lead over Greenhill. The 13-year incumbent received 30.46%.

Pritchett was confident that voters would pick her as the next trustee to represent District 4. Her platform focuses on eliminating diversity, equity and inclusion policies and lowering the tax rate.

“Voters will see that I am absolutely the right choice because of my experience and my ability to stand up and make these decisions even when there is opposition on the board,” he said.

Greenhill promised to present his case to voters until the end of the ballot.

“I am committed to campaigning whatever it takes to win this election,” Greenhill said. “I’m mostly doing this by supporting the impact the college has on the community and the progress we’ve made during my tenure with teamwork.”

Candidate Larry Dale Carpenter Jr. garnered 18.58%, and Jack Reynolds, who suspended his campaign, garnered 8.7%.

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