What works and what not in Dallas during the Memorial Day holiday weekend?

As Memorial Day 2023 descends upon us, honoring the valiant U.S. military personnel who laid down their lives in service, many might be considering some eleventh-hour grocery runs or hoping to capitalize on the exclusive holiday deals. Despite some closures in observance of the holiday, a multitude of options remain for those in need.

This federal holiday, set to be commemorated on Monday, May 29th, typically ushers in an extended weekend rife with patriotic parades and solemn remembrance services. This three-day pause in our daily grind simultaneously signals the unofficial commencement of the much-anticipated summer season, igniting a string of convivial cookouts, serene beach outings, and cherished family rendezvous.

For those inclined to venture out on Memorial Day, a plethora of establishments will hold their doors open. However, operating hours might differ across various locations, thereby making it advisable to verify the holiday hours at your nearest outlet.

Renowned nationwide grocery chains such as Starbucks, McDonald’s, and Taco Bell are expected to keep their operations running on Memorial Day. However, it is important to note that individual franchise locations, particularly those privately owned, may observe the holiday and remain closed.

Turning our attention to some of the big-box retail giants, Target and Walmart have both confirmed their commitment to serving customers on Memorial Day 2023. Similarly, Walgreens will persist with its regular business hours across its various locations.

In contrast, Costco, one of the leading warehouse club operators in the U.S., will not be open on May 29th. The retail behemoth traditionally shuts its warehouses on seven specific holidays, including Memorial Day.

As far as banking services are concerned, major institutions such as Chase and Wells Fargo, among others, will remain closed due to their affiliation with the Federal Reserve. As a government agency, the Federal Reserve observes the holiday, consequently impacting the functioning of most banks. Despite this, customers can continue to avail online banking services and ATMs, albeit with limited access to live representatives.

Memorial Day, celebrated on the final Monday in May, is steeped in a rich history. Initially known as Decoration Day, the origins of this revered holiday can be traced back to the period following the Civil War. Until 1968, May 30th was observed as Memorial Day, but the Uniform Monday Holiday Act passed by Congress that year saw the date shifted to the last Monday in May, rendering it an official federal holiday.

Contrasting Memorial Day, Veterans Day, set to be celebrated on Saturday, November 11, 2023, pays tribute to all military veterans who have served the nation, emphasizing the distinction between the two observances. The former solemnly honors the fallen, while the latter acknowledges the service of all veterans.

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