Who was the Allen Outlet Killer? Here’s what we know so far

FBI agents and Dallas police officers arrived at the suspected shooter’s home in Dallas to investigate and question family members.

ALLEN, Texas – After the shooting at the Allen Premium Outlets Saturday that left at least nine dead and injured many more, there are multiple FBI agents inside a home in Dallas’ Northeast Patrol Division, and outside is the Dallas Police.

Several sources state that this is the house where the suspected shooter lived with his parents.

Officers have been inside talking to his family. They also asked for a translator.

FBI agents showed up Saturday night, neighbors said, and have been there ever since. They say the suspected shooter is in his 30s and has lived here for as long as anyone can remember.

They say you drive a gray Charger that was always parked in front of the house, except for the past few weeks, when they realized it wasn’t there.

Neighbors say they don’t recall any police activity or problems in the residence.

At this time, the suspect’s name has not been released because his identity and connection to the Allen shooting has not yet been officially confirmed.

But neighbors say the suspect always wore some sort of security guard uniform, though no one says they’ve ever seen him with a weapon of any kind. They say he was very quiet, but say they’ve noticed some unusual quiet behavior.

Federal agents will likely spend days — or even weeks — going through all of the suspected shooter’s belongings, computers, phones and other belongings, and anything else they can find to determine a possible motive for the shooting.

The Dallas Police Department’s computers are still down after the city’s system was attacked by ransomware Wednesday, so it’s hard for them to get information about previous calls home, they say.

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